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NYSID jobs well done satisfy state and local government procurement needs with approved goods and services, creating NYS taxpayers and sustaining NYS communities!


    40 Years of Looking Forward!

    NYSID jobs offer New Yorkers with disabilities the choice of facility or community-based employment, respecting individual growth and independence. Click to see how NYSID changes lives one job at a time.

    Long-Time Member Agency Profile: Liberty ARC


    NYSID and Its Member Agencies Had a Ball for Night at "The Joe"

    As NYSID continues its 40th anniversary celebration, we acknowledge some of our long-time member agencies for creating meaningful employment for New Yorkers with disabilities throughout our 40-year history. Continue Reading....


    NYSID recently hosted its fourth annual Night at "The Joe" in appreciation for all of the services our staff and member agencies provide. Continue Reading....

    Journey Along the Erie Canal Completes Successful Third Tour


    Lawmakers Congratulate NYSID for “40 Years of Looking Forward”

    For the third consecutive year, Journey Along the Erie Canal increased awareness of the ability inside all people with disabilities, the culmination of an inspirational, statewide bicycle trek over two weeks and 373 miles. Continue Reading....


    NYSID is grateful to our New York State and Congressional leaders for sending their congratulatory wishes as we celebrate "40 Years of Looking Forward." Continue Reading....


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