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NYSID jobs well done satisfy state and local government procurement needs with approved goods and services, creating NYS taxpayers and sustaining NYS communities!


    40 Years of Looking Forward!

    NYSID jobs offer New Yorkers with disabilities the choice of facility or community-based employment, respecting individual growth and independence. Click to see how NYSID changes lives one job at a time.

    Lawmakers Congratulate NYSID for “40 Years of Looking Forward”


    National Partner in Job Creation Responds to Latest Trends

    NYSID is grateful to our New York State and Congressional leaders for sending their congratulatory wishes as we celebrate "40 Years of Looking Forward." Continue Reading....


    The State Use Programs Association (SUPRA), the principal national membership organization of State Use (i.e., Preferred Source) contracting agencies, recently submitted comments on proposed rules relating to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Continue Reading....

    NYSID Veterans' Summit Features Heroes at Home, Team Rubicon


    NYSID Proudly Sponsors Assistive Living Technologies Conference

    NYSID hosted its quarterly Veterans' Summit at its Albany office, with attendees traveling from the North Country, downstate New York and across the Capital Region for the event. Continue Reading....


    Individuals with disabilities and senior citizens comprise the most rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population. There is a great need and potential for new products, technologies and services allowing for these individuals to remain independent in their own homes. Continue Reading....


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