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NYSID's highest priorities are meeting procurement needs and creating meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities.

When individuals with disabilities earn a living and spend those earnings where they live, they contribute to stronger communities and economies.

We are proud of the thousands of workers who have provided quality products and services to customers since 1975 through our ever-changing network of 97 Member Agencies and 41 Corporate Partners across New York State. 

Our customers’ steadfast procurement helps reduce the high unemployment of these individuals and create a more inclusive New York.

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NYS State & Local Government customers:

NYSID purchases satisfy your obligation to the Preferred Source Program, which was established via Article XI, Section 162 of the New York State Finance Law in order to advance special social and economic goals related to the employment of New Yorkers with disabilities. 

Under this law, when certain commodity or service offerings meet the purchasing needs of a state or local government agency, public benefit corporation and some public authorities, those purchases must be made through the Preferred Source Program. NYSID is a facilitating agency of the Program. 

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Private Sector customers:

NYSID procurement helps you diversify your supply chain to include individuals with disabilities, fostering your corporate social responsibility.

We currently provide goods and services to the financial, medical, construction, and numerous other industries.

Discover how you can foster a more inclusive New York!

Contact Valerie Andreoli, Private Sector Account Representative, at vandreoli@nysid.org or call (518) 598-5196.

Established in 1975 and based in Albany, NYSID is a not-for-profit membership organization with a mission of “advancing employment and other opportunities for individuals with disabilities.”